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Thai Cycling  for Health Association / Thailand Cycling Club
The Thailand Cycling Club or Thai Cycling for Health Association was established on the 16th of March 1991. On that day about 40 cycling enthusiasts, who agreed to make cycling a new choice for solving problems of local traffic, air pollution and energy consumption, rallied on Bangkok streets together for the first time in Thailand. The purpose of the rally was to reintroduce this environmentally friendly vehicle to Thai society.  17 years later those some forty people turned out to be a more than 5,000 strong group of people of all walks of life, age, occupation, rank and position.
 Complete families have joined our club and many children of members enjoy biking and camping. A large proportion of our members are ladies both married and unmarried, who enjoy a chance to explore Thailand safely at a cost lower than any tour company. We join up with cycling clubs local to the places visited and as a result enjoy local hospitality and see places which would be difficult without local knowledge.
Very soon we can claim that not a corner of Thailand remains unexplored by our members.
They are all members of the so-called “Bicycle Community” or “Bicycle Family”.
On the more serious side it should be noted, that TCC is not against bicycle racing. In fact, we actually support it. But along that line, we also have the ‘social-service’ missions that we think are more important than racing, such as organizing various activities to convince government on the bicycle option, bike rallies for our political awareness campaigns, such as election and transparency or accountability, drug fighting as well as Tod Pha Pa ( a Buddhist ceremonial event of giving robes to monks) and eco tourism, etc.
The Old Bicycle Recycle Project is a frequent social activity which ranks , very high among TCC members. We collect scrap bicycles and then our club members buy items for repair and for replacement of major components. After which we transport the bikes to rural schools and let the kids fix the unfinished minor parts and, finally, give the re-born bikes to these deserving kids. We usually camp at these schools and enjoy riding with the children.
We have also raised money by means of biking events to assist underprivileged children.
If you are a bicycle lover or enthusiast, every-day cyclist or bike commuter you are welcome to join the TCC family. be a part of it and be useful to society. Therefore join the TCC / TCHA! !   
            Those who are interested can contact this address:
            Thai Cycling for Health Association
            849/53 Chulalongkorn 6,
            Bantadtong Rd., Bangkok 10330
            Tel : 612-4747    Fax: 612-5511
                        Email :  tchathaicycling@gmail.com




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